How do you create video clips with VLC

If you are watching a movie, it is possible to save some frames for future use.

Now you can save your most loved portions from any film.

With the holiday season coming up and the holidays coming up, your creative side could be bubbling up in your mind. If you own a collection of family videos or people you know, even special occasions that you’ve attended, you can create amazing things using clips from these. VLC provides a fast way to make clips for editing later on or to enjoy.

Start the process by installing and downloading VLC.

Step 1. Start VLC, and navigate to the menu called View. From this menu, choose Advanced Controls.

Step 2.Open your video that you want to cut a portion of. Utilize the slider to navigate to the date you want to start recording. The frame by frame button, which is located to the right of Advanced Controls, will allow you to pinpoint exactly when you’ll need to begin recording.

Step 3. Click the Record button at the left on the Advanced Controls. When recording is switched on Press Play and let the video play through the portion you would like to save. When you have finished the section you want to save you can hit the Record button once more.

The video clip will be automatically saved via VLC (in Windows 7 the video will be stored in the Library of Videos). You can share your clip with acquaintances or save the precious moment to come back to later.

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3 Methods for Transferring Music from your PC to iPhone

Three methods to download music directly from computer onto an iPhone and two ways to download music directly onto an iPhone via websites.

To store all the songs that you enjoy on your iPhone it is possible move music onto your iPhone from a different device, such as an iPod touch, computer iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The most frequently used method to expand the music collection is by transferring music on your computer to iPhone.

In this regard, I’ll demonstrate how to transfer music from your PC to iPhone using as well without iTunes. In addition, some of these solutions can also be used for move music on iPhone to your computer. If you are also looking to transfer music from your iPhone to PC occasionally, using these tips could prove to be very helpful.

Tips Do you want to download music onto your iPhone to use as the Ringtone? If so, cut the audio track first, and then follow any of these tips to transfer them onto your iPhone.

Part 1. How to transfer Music from Computer onto iPhone Without iTunes

iTunes can indeed assist you in transferring songs across Windows and to iPhone. But, it could result in data loss to your device due to sync. That’s why I would suggest trying how to transfer music to your iPhone with no iTunes first.

To transfer music from your computer to iPhone swiftly and safely The reliable iPhone Transfer software EaseUS MobiMover is able to satisfy your requirements. It also lets you:

  • Copy music stored on iPhone to a computer
  • Music can be transferred from one device to another
  • Transfer videos, photos messages, contacts Audiobooks, photos, and much many more.

Apart from transfer of data, it allows downloading videos, WhatsApp Backup & Restore as well as iPhone Backup & Restore. Thus, this program can aid you in managing all of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch content efficiently.

Download for PC Download for Mac

Transfer music from computer to iPhone:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch EaseUS MobiMover. Click „PC to Phone“ > „Select Files“.

Step 2. Select the music files you would like to transfer from your computer to iPhone. iPhone and then select „Open“.

Step 3. Check the songs and then click „Transfer“ to start transferring music from the PC to iPhone. After it’s completed then, open your Music app on your iOS device to listen to music.

After you have transferred songs on Windows onto your iPhone You can now listen to your music in full from you iOS device.

Download for PC Download for Mac

Part 2. What to do when you want to transfer Music from your PC to iPhone using iTunes

If the songs you’d like to transfer to your iPhone are already stored inside the iTunes library You can transfer directly music to iTunes into your iPhone. Even if the songs are not on the iTunes library it is also possible to transfer music from the computer onto the iPhone via iTunes.

Before starting making any changes, it’s important to understand that the new additions will replace your existing music films, TV shows tones, and books stored on your iPhone. If you don’t wish to lose these files, you can try other methods to transfer the music files on Windows onto your iPhone.

To transfer music from a PC onto iPhone by using iTunes:

Step 1. Connect your smartphone to your computer and then wait for iTunes to begin running on its own.

Step 2. If the songs are already in the music library within iTunes move on onto the next stage. If not then select „File“ > „Add File to Library“ to add the music to iTunes.

Step 3. Click on the icon of the device and select“Music“ „Music“ option.

Step 4. Choose „Sync Music“ and choose „Remove and Sync“ in the pop-up window telling that the files already stored that are stored on the iPhone will be deleted.

5. Choose the songs you would like to transfer and then click „Apply“ > „Sync“.

step 6. After you sync music to your iPhone via iTunes then go on to „Music“ > „Library“ > „Songs“ on your device to verify the contents.

Part 3. How to transfer music to Computer to iPhone using Cloud Services

Another way of moving songs across Windows and to iPhone is to utilize the cloud-based service Dropbox. With the cloud storage service you can save your music documents, including music, on the cloud storage service and access your items across every device that uses the service using your account.

In order to make Dropbox run smoothly and smoothly for putting music onto your iPhone via a computer you must ensure:

  • You’re using the same account on both the PC as well as the iPhone.
  • There are reliable and stable connection to the internet to your device.
  • The music files do not exceed the storage capacity of your account.

Ready? Let’s find out how you can transfer music from a PC to an iPhone using iTunes.

To transfer music from the PC onto iPhone using Dropbox

Step 1. Download and install Dropbox on your Windows PC and iPhone (at minimum on the iOS phone).

Step 2. Sign in to Dropbox using the same Dropbox account that you have on your devices.

Step 3. If you are required for the transfer of songs from your your computer to iPhone you can transfer the music files to cloud storage using your PC:

  • If you’ve installed Dropbox start the program and then click „Upload files“ to select the songs you wish to upload.
  • If you aren’t able to install Dropbox on your PC visit and upload your files to Dropbox.

Step 4. Allow Dropbox to transfer music between your devices.

Step 5. Once it’s done After it is done, open The Dropbox application to your iOS device and you’ll be able to see items that were synced from the Windows computer.

Step 6. Select the songs you want to download and save them to the internal storage of your device.