How do you create video clips with VLC

If you are watching a movie, it is possible to save some frames for future use.

Now you can save your most loved portions from any film.

With the holiday season coming up and the holidays coming up, your creative side could be bubbling up in your mind. If you own a collection of family videos or people you know, even special occasions that you’ve attended, you can create amazing things using clips from these. VLC provides a fast way to make clips for editing later on or to enjoy.

Start the process by installing and downloading VLC.

Step 1. Start VLC, and navigate to the menu called View. From this menu, choose Advanced Controls.

Step 2.Open your video that you want to cut a portion of. Utilize the slider to navigate to the date you want to start recording. The frame by frame button, which is located to the right of Advanced Controls, will allow you to pinpoint exactly when you’ll need to begin recording.

Step 3. Click the Record button at the left on the Advanced Controls. When recording is switched on Press Play and let the video play through the portion you would like to save. When you have finished the section you want to save you can hit the Record button once more.

The video clip will be automatically saved via VLC (in Windows 7 the video will be stored in the Library of Videos). You can share your clip with acquaintances or save the precious moment to come back to later.

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